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Width of profile

Height of profile

LAM-5 (50x50 mm)
LA-14 (120x120 mm)
HR-105 (159x10 mm)
HR-594 (75x25 mm)
HR-577 (50x50 (Ø50) mm)
HR-570 (70x70 (Ø70) mm)
HR-569 (60x60 (Ø60) mm)
HR-18 (18,5x7,3 mm)
HR-126 (34,5x12,7 mm)
HR-614 (260x67,5 mm)
HR-548 (50x10 mm)
HR-567 (50x25 mm)
HR-582 (23x10 mm)
HR-89 (80x78,6 mm)
HR-120 (150x40 mm)
HR-20083 (200x83 mm)
HR-153 (19x21 mm)
HR-427 (50,8x8 mm)
HR-489 (29,4x45 mm)
HR-552 (14x10 mm)
HR-439 (380x25 mm)
HR-198 (300x15 mm)
HR-463 (130x25 mm)
HR-545 (80x10 mm)
HR-415 (219x15 mm)
HR-118 (245x25 mm)
HR-119 (162x25 mm)
HR-138 (50x28 mm)
HR-511 (45x6 mm)
HR-199 (250x40 mm)
HR-106 (40x27 mm)
HR-88 (100x50 mm)
HR-04 (97x25 mm)
ZA-6 (62x74 mm)
ZA-1 (84x58 mm)
HR-442 (120x40 mm)
HR-438 (250x83 mm)
HR-420 (420x40 mm)
HR-413 (141x33,5 mm)
HR-411 (116,5x50 mm)
HR-400 (400x40 mm)
HR-300 (300x40 mm)
HR-265 (200x65 mm)
HR-250 (250x40 mm)
HR-245 (300x83 mm)
HR-200 (200x40 mm)
HR-160 (160x40 mm)
HR-150 (150x50 mm)
HR-130 (120x35 mm)
HR-100 (66x40 mm)
HR-92 (100x40 mm)
HR-84 (200x15 mm)
HR-81 (100x15 mm)
HR-63 (65x27 mm)
HR-58 (150x27 mm)
HR-57 (120x50 mm)
HR-54 (90x29,5 mm)
HR-48 (65x20 mm)
HR-45 (158x15 mm)
HR-42 (200x25 mm)
HR-21 (120x21 mm)
HR-19 (94x14,5 mm)
HR-08 (88x35 mm)
HR-176 (82x58 mm)
HR-07 (70x15 mm)
HR-01 (114x25,5 mm)
HR-P2 (62,5x14 mm)
HR-109 (125x135 mm)
PHT-4/125 (120x100 mm)
PHT-3/90 (98x68 mm)
PHT-2/80 (59x40 mm)
PHT-1/61 (44x35 mm)
HR-34 (33x10 mm)
HR-434 (50x40 mm)
HR-41 (41,5x34 mm)
HR-51 (60x20 mm)
HR-78 (60x15 mm)
HR-425 (48,3x16,5 mm)
HR-19/2 (44x14,3 mm)
HR-68 (46x33 mm)
HR-96 (55x28 mm)
HR-125 (30x28 mm)
HR-493 (31x16 mm)
HR-ICK-R (25x12 mm)
HR-ICK-CC-64 (30x7,5 mm)
HR-64 (70x25 mm)
HR-31 (50x11,5 mm)
HR-454 (21,45x19 mm)
HR-145 (29x12 mm)
HR-459 (50x20 mm)
HR-104 (35x13 mm)
HR-59 (42,7x12,5 mm)
HR-129 (42x25 mm)
HR-76 (32x20 mm)
HR-75 (32x14 mm)
HR-09 (29x11,5 mm)
HR-95 (12,6x6,5 mm)
HRU-20 (20x20 mm)
HRU-15 (15x15 mm)
HR-231 (19x13,5x9,5 mm)
HR-220 (20,5x25x7 mm)
HR-224 (25,4x25x8 mm)
HR-227 (17,7x45x9,8 mm)
HR-213 (18x25,4x12,7 mm)
HR-212 (30x25x7,9 mm)
HR-11 (38x24x22 mm)
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